Saturday, January 7, 2017

1/6 - 1/7/2017 - Harmony Artists Management Event at The Hilton New York

On January 6th & 7th, Moore P.A. Hire, Inc. provided audio, video and lighting for Harmony Artists  in the Mercury Ballroom at the Hilton New York.
For F.O.H. audio, we provided (6) of our L'Acoustics dV Dosc, (2) dV subs and (4) SB218 subs with (4) of our L'Acoustics 8XT for front fill.
For lighting, we used a combination of (24) Phillips ColorBlasts TRX RGBAW LED and (10) Source 4wrd Leko for a stage & performance area wash, with our (8) Rouge R2 moving heads upstage on truss uprights. For lighting control we used our MAonPC command and fader wings with signal distribution using (6) wireless DMX City Theatrical SHoW Baby.
For Video our Roland VR-50 HD Seamless switcher was very effective helping merge the assorted Video signals. The Projection screen we used for this event was an AV Stumpfl 16:9 screen
For power distribution, we used our Motion labs 1200A distro & Motion Labs breakered stringers 
Our 16 oz. velour pipe and drape provided suitable masking.

Kindly take a moment to look at some pictures of the event below:

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