Sunday, February 23, 2020

02.23.2020 - Sikhs for Justice

On February 23rd Moore PA Hire provided audio, lighting, video and live streaming equipment and services for the Sikhs for Justice Punjab Referendum 2020 New York Conference.

For audio, we provided (1) Yamaha QL-1 and (1) Yamaha Rio 1608D to drive the show. For microphones we provided (2) Shure MX 418, (2) SM 57, and (2) Senheiser MKH-416 for room tone on the live stream, all with mic stands. For speakers we provided (6) L'Acoustics 112P and (4) L'Acoustics 108P for front fill and monitors.

For lighting we provided (2) ETC Lustr S2 each outfitted with EDLT 26 degree lenses and rigged up on (2) Impact Turtle Base C-Strands. We also added in (2) Ikan LED Panels for hair light.

For video and live streaming we rolled our full broadcast package. The system starts with out premier live streaming and recording rack, what we call the LSE 1. Engineered with (1) Blackmagic Design Atem 2 M/E, (2) Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Studio Pro 4K, and (2) Blackmagic Design Smartscope Duo 4K. Included in the rack is also (1) Clearcom dual-channel base station and (1) APC UPS capable of powering the whole system for up to an hour.
The LSE 1 was paired with (1) Production Bot Switch 8 to stream the program to 3 destinations simultaneously and also record the show as an H.264 MP4 direct to our archival 4TB LaCie Drive. We also recorded the program on Pro Res 422 on our Blackmagic Design Hyperdeck Studio Pro 4K for redundancy.
Our control area was completed with (1) Ikan 19.5" studio monitor, (1) Blackmagic Design Atem Advanced Panel, and (1) Macbook Pro 13" to smoothly mix the show ahead of broadcast.
For cameras we provided (3) Panasonic HE-130, all controlled by (1) Panasonic RP-120
Finally, to display the program for the large audience in the room we provided (2) 80" Sharp LC-80LE661U and (2) 70" LG UJ634 plasma screens.

To finish off the whole event we provided (2) sections of 12' x 13' black velour drape, (5) 9'-16' telescopic drape uprights, (3) 7'-12' drape crossbars for stage backdrop and to display the client provided signage on the live stream.

Please click the link below to view the live stream from the event:

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