Wednesday, January 13, 2021

01.13.21 - Manno Media at the Moore PA Studio

 Moore PA Hire opened the doors to its NYC green screen studio to welcome in Manno Media for a day of shooting.

On the shot list was a selection of advertisements featuring a model on our green screen presenting new lines of luxury perfumes. We booted up one of our powerful workstation PCs running vMix Pro to provide isolated recordings of all cameras as well as live chroma keying and image compositing. We provided monitors around the studio so all involved could see what the end result would be - once the green was removed! For cameras we used (2) Birddog P4Ks.

For audio, we provided (1) Shure UR-4D and (1) UR-1 with Shure MX185 lavalier microphone, mixed by (1) Yamaha QL-1 and sent over to vMix via Dante.

Check out some photos from the event below.