Monday, April 30, 2012

4/24/12: Microsoft Digital Conference at Microsoft's New York Office

On April 24th, the Moore PA Hire team was asked to provide sound, lighting, and video for Microsoft Advertising's, Star Studded Digital Conference.  Star participants included, but were not limited to:  Felicia Day, Dominique Dawes, and Mike Pereira.  We rose to the occasion by creating an immersive environment via our Dataton Watchout Media Server System that included two projection screens with ultra short throw projectors, 5 LCD screens across the back of the stage, and tied into two more in house LCD screens and two more in house projectors with screens as well as pipe and drape.  We also brought in our L-Acoustics 108 P speaker system with L-Acoustics SB15 subwoofers all controlled from our Yamaha LS9.  For Lighting we used our Hog IPC lighting controller to set the mood with our Elation Design Spot 250s and LEDs.  For the stage, we provided Tele-prompting service and three 40" LCD screens to be used as confidence monitors.  Please take a moment and have a look at some pictures and video of the this exciting event below:

Microsoft Executive: Rick Song

NFL Referee:  Mike Pereira

Actress/Producer:  Felicia Day

US Olympic Gold Medal Winner: Dominique Dawes


Thursday, April 12, 2012

4/12/12: St. Hilda's School Gala

On April 12th, the Moore PA Hire team was asked to provide sound, lighting, and video for Saint Hilda's School's gala celebrating the school reaching it's monetary goal for large scale renovations to their classrooms, facilities, and building.  We worked with our good friends at The Winstead Catering Group to bring this excellent event together.  For sound support, we brought in our EV Deltamax sound system, our L-Acoustics sound system, and our Yamaha M7CL digital console.  For lighting, we used a combination of Elation Design Spot 250 moving lights, LED lighting, and conventional lighting for stage wash.  As for video, we used our Dataton Watchout media server, two 9' x 12' projection screens, image magnification (IMAG) via our Panasonic AG-DVX100B digital camcorder, and Christie Digital LX605 digital projectors.  Since we were working in a High School Gymnasium, we took advantage of the infrastructure in the ceiling to hang our equipment, thus being able to put on a beautiful show, while the gear stayed hidden.  After all was said and done, the client made a point to let us know that they thought the results were stunning, and really that's why we do what we do.  Please take a moment to look at some pictures of the event below.