Sunday, June 25, 2017

6/25/17 - Pride Parade - Metropolitan Community Church

On June 25th the Moore P.A. Hire team provided a sound system to the Metropolitan Community Church for their annual participation in NYC Gay Pride Parade Parade.
This audio system consisted of a BehringerX32 digital mixing console controlling a combination of L'acoustics 112p and L'acoustics 8XTi speakers with L'acoustics SB15p subwoofers for the combination of 15 piece choir and 4 piece band all staged on this float. We also provided a Honda Generator as part of this package. The float was well received by the man thousands of eager onlookers.

6/25/17 - Alamo Draft House Cinema - "Baby Driver" webcast

On June 25th, 2017, we provided audio, lighting and communications systems for Alamo Drafthouse cinema for their screening of the new movie “Baby Driver”. This streamed event consisted of a screening of the movie itself in multiple Alamo theaters nationwide followed by an in-person interview with the director, Edgar Wright to which customers could tweet their questions to Mr. Wright.Our audio system consisted of L’Acoustics 108P speakers, Yamaha QL-1 digital audio console with Yamaha RIO 1608 and Shure UR4D wireless mics. Our lighting system consisted of Philips Colorblast TRX and ETC Source 4WRD LED fixtures all controlled from ETC EOS programming wing combined with CityTheatrical Showbaby Wireless DMX. Our audio & lighting crew worked together with Merkle Media techs to ensure a seamless, stress-free stream to the multiple Alamo customers in other markets and also Facebook Live watchers.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

6/22/17 - Bungalow Bar - Jackie Lee Band

On June 22nd, 2017, Moore P.A. Hire Inc. was asked by the Bungalow Bar & Restaurant to provide audio and lighting for their Musical performance by the Jackie Lee band. 
Our audio system consisted of our Yamaha QL5 with Yamaha RIO 1608 digital stage box for control, (6) L'Acoustics dVDosc, (2) L'Acoustics dV SUB and (2) L'Acoustics SB 218 for F.O.H.. For monitors we provided (2) L'acoustics SB15P and (6) L'acoustics 112P self-powered monitors.
For lighting, we provided (10) Colorblast TRX, (6) ETC Source 4 mini compact LED fixtured controlled by a basic analog console and City Theatrical Show Baby®5 Wireless DMX to give that unique color to the show. 
Moore P.A. Hire Inc. also provided the 16'W x 12'D split level stage used for the performance, it can be seen in the pictures below.


Friday, June 16, 2017

6/16/17 - New York-New Belfast Conference

On June 16th Moore P.A. Hire Inc. was asked to provide sound and video services to a conference held by Aisling Events Ltd. This event was held in the spectacular Pier A Harbour House in lower NYC.
We tied into the house audio system via our Yamaha QL1. Multiple channels of Shure UR4D+ wireless systems were needed with either Shure UR-1 with Shure MX185 lavaliers for panelists or Shure UR-2 handheld for Q & A.
For video displays we used our  Sharp LC-80LE632U 80” AQUOS and for control we used a combination of our RolandVR-50HD AV mixer and two of our Macbook Pros for the combination presentations and associated videos.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

6/13/17 - Meatpacking District Management Association A.G.M.

On June 13th Moore P.A. Hire Inc. provided an AV package for the annual Meatpacking District Management Associations' AGM at The standard Biergarten.
The audio portion of our package consisted of a Yamaha QL-1 console with Yamaha RIO 1608 digital stage box, L'acoustics 112p self-powered speakers, Shure UR4D wireless mic system and Shure MX418  podium mic.
The video portion consisted of  Roland VR-50HD AV mixer,  Macbook book pro with Powerpoint,  multiple displays consisting of a combination of our Sharp 80", 70” & 50”units in order that all attendees could view the content without the Testles of The Highline obstructing their view of the content. For this presentation our client wanted to start with the same content on all (6) screens, and at a certain point seamlessly toggled the output of half of the screens to a separate presentation which ran side by side with the original presentation.  
Pictures by Ethan Covey.

6/13/17 - The Whitby Hotel - Adobe Panel

On June 13th Moore P.A. Hire Inc. was asked to provide sound for the launch of Adobe Adobe Stock at the Whitby Hotel.
We used our Yamaha QL1 for audio control and our wireless package consisted  Shure UR4D receivers with a number of UR2 combined with MX185 lavalier microphones.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

6/10/17 - Atlas Obscura - Garden Party at Untermyer Gardens

On June 10th we provided an audio and lighting package for an event by Atlas Obscura at the wonderful Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers, NY.
The lighting set up by our team consisted of (48) Colorblast TRX LED lighting fixtures and Source 4WRD fixtures. Control was from our MA command wing set-up with our CityTheatrical SHoW Baby 5 wireless DMX system very effective over this extensive set-up.

The audio package of multiple L'acoustics 108p and 112p speakers and control by a Yamaha QL1 and Yamaha Rio 1608.

The pictures by Zarif Taufiq & Steven Acres