Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Videographer Services

This is an example of the videographer services that Moore PA Hire provides.

10/26/12 - 10/27/12: New Jersey Expo/Raritan Center - Falguni Pathuk

On October twenty sixth, 2012 the Moore PA Hire team was asked to provide sound, lighting and video for the Falguni Pathak performance at the NJ Expo/Raritan Center.  For sound, we broght in our Jason Sound stackable 5 way active sound system controlled via our Yamaha M7CL digital sound console.  For lighting, we used a combination of LED lighting, Volkslight GLP moving heads, Elation Design Spots and Elation Design Washes all controlled via our Hog iPC lighting console.  For the video portion, we brought in (2) Sanyo PLC-WM5500 digital projectors and edg-blended them using our media server (Dataton Watchout System) and displayed threaded content throughout the projection.  
Please take a moment and have a look at some pictures and video of the event below (to include set up pictures).



10/20/2012: Myspace - Feel the Music (sponsored by Denon) with Chromeo and ?uestlove

On October twentieth, 2012 the Moore PA Hire team was asked to provide sound, lighting and video (to interface with Denon's capture system/software) at the wonderful Tribeca Grand Hotel.  Performing at this event was Chromeo and ?uestlove.  For sound, we brought in our EV Deltamax system with (4) dual 18" sub woofer cabinets controlled by our Midis Venice Analog Console.  For Lighting, we brought in LED lights to set the tone of the room and to light the performers.  For the video portion, we used one Sharp Aquos 70" smart TV as well as a Sanyo Ultrashort Throw projector.  We connected to Denon's video capture system and displayed, realtime the pictures/renderings of peoples faces that were taken throughout the event.  Please take a moment and have a look at some pictures of this wonderful event below.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10/13/12 - Wedding at a Private Club

Pn October 13th, the Moore PA Hire Team was ased to provide sound for a wedding, the difficulty here was that the client wanted the sound "invisible".  We here at Moore PA Hire are never one to turn down a challenge we know we can accomplish, accepted this event.  We brought in our L'Acoustics sound system and placed our Yamaha LS9 digital console out of sight in order to create an "invisi-sound" feel.  Please take a moment to look at some pictures of this event.

L'Acoustics 108Ps along wall 
L'Acoustics 108Ps along wall

L'Acoustics 108Ps behind couches