Sunday, July 28, 2019

07.28.2019 - Atlas Obscura - Garden Party at Untermeyer Gardens

On July 28th Moore P.A. Hire provided Audio & Lighting for Atlas Obscuras' annunal Garden Party at Untermeyer Gardens in Yonkers, NY.

For audio, we provided three separate audio systems for each of the three distinct performance locations within these extensive gardens. For the Amphitheater we used our Yamaha QL-1 digital audio console combined with its own Yamaha Rio 1608 digital stage box paired with L'Acoustics 112p and L'Acoustics SB15p. Meanwhile over at the "Temple to the Sky" we used our Yamaha QL-5 digital audio console also with its own Rio. The FOH system for this was our L'Acoustics DvDosc also with L'Acoustics 112p for monitors.

For lighting, control was from our GrandMA on PC & MA Command Wings. We used our ETC Lustr Series 2, Colorblast TRX & GLP Impression X4S for lighting at both locations.

Friday, July 12, 2019

07.12.2019 - Summer Fridays at Remezcla

On July 7th Moore P.A. Hire provided an event production package consisting of audio, lighting, video, and staging at Remezcla in Bushwick. Let's jump in to how we built it.

For audio, we began with (1) Yamaha QL-1 and (1) Yamaha Rio 1608D. For inputs we began with (2) Pioneer CDJ 2000 NXS paired with (1) Pioneer DJM 900. We dropped (1) Shure SM58 at the DJ table and then followed up with (2) Shure SM58 and (2) Shure UR2 paired with Shure UR4D, all on mic stands. Finally we laidd out (3) Radial D2 D.I.s and we were ready to move on to the PA system. We built a combination of (8) L'Acoustics 112p and (2) L'Acoustics SB15p. 4 of the L'Acoustics 112Ps were flown from the rigging in the ceiling using (4) L'Acoustics ETR-12.

Speaking of rigging, we brought in (4) pieces of 1.5" black pipe, along with (14) beam clamps and (1) Genie AWP-30AC personnel lift.

For lighting, we hung (6) ETC S4WRDs, all with EDLT lenses and all connected via (1) Elation Opto Branch 4 DMX distributor. We also deployed (10) 42" LED strips and (1) 12 channel lighting controller.

For video, we began with (1) Roland VR50 HD and (2) Macbook Pro 15". The Roland sent its output over to (2) Optoma ZU850 8K laser projectors with Optoma A01 lenses flown from the ceiling and projecting onto the industrial brick wall of the venue.

Finally for staging, we built a 12'x12' stage on 2' legs with 1 stair section and we were ready to start soundcheck.

Kindly take a look at our photos from the event below:

Thursday, July 11, 2019

07.11.2019 - Exponent Women at SECOND.

On July 11th Moore PA Hire loaded in to SECOND to provide audio and video equipment and services for the Exponent Women Conference. Let's jump in to our set up.
We engineered two AV packages that could be either operated independently or linked together. The reason for this was that in the morning the full event space would be used for the keynote address of the conference, but then at lunch an air-wall would be rolled out to split the event space in two for simultaneous panels in the afternoon.

For audio, we started with (1) Yamaha QL-1 and (1) Yamaha QL-5, each with their own Yamaha Rio 1608D. For microphones we provided 11 channels of wireless via (7) decks of Shure UR4D, paired with combination of Shure UR-1 & Countryman E6-Ds, DPA 4088, DPA D-Fine, and UR2 handheld mics. We also provided (1) Shure MX-418 podium microphone and a couple PCDIs for some house music. For speakers we provided (8) L'Acoustics 112p and (4) L'acoustics 108p for a combination of front of house, delay speakers, front fill and monitors. We laid all this out and then cabled them up with all the XLR and edison necessary and then jumped onto the video side.

For video, we started with (1) Production Bot Switch 8 and (1) Roland VR50 HD. We loaded up a stack of PowerPoints, images, and slideshows (all provided by the client) and we were ready for any eventuality. For screens we used (2) Sharp Aquos 80" displays. We placed one at each end of the room so each section would have a display when the airwall flew in. Once these were cabled up with SDI our final task for video was interfacing to the house's projector and projection screen. We ran our feed though a Decimator MD-HX just for safety and then plugged into the HDMI port on the east wall of the venue.

Finally for staging, we built two stages, again for when the room would be split. We laid our 8' x 4' & 6' x 4' sections to build two stages both skirted with duvatene. Our Cherry Wood Pedestal podium rounded out the staging portion of our package.

Kindly take a look at our photos from the event: