Wednesday, November 17, 2021

11.17.21 - The M&A Advisor at The New York Athletic Club

 Moore PA Hire returned to the New York Athletic Club to provide video, audio, livestreaming and lighting equipment and services for The M&A Advisor's day long conference and evening gala. Held in the 9th floor lounge this event featured a series of panels and keynote speakers during the day, followed by an awards dinner and drinks in the evening.

For video we started with (2) 82" TVs flanking the venue provided stage. Additionally we set-up (2) 70" TVs on the outskirts of the 9th floor lounge and (2) 70" TVs in the 9th floor Card Room to adaquately distribute all presentation content and IMAG. To mix and route all this video we rolled in our premier livestreaming and video production rack the LSE-1. We made use of (1) rack-mount workstation running vMix Pro as well as (2) Macbook Pros to serve PowerPoint and graphic content. While routing the video to the various displays, the workstation was also livestreaming the program to a private watch page provided by Moore PA Hire featuring the agenda for the day as well as sponsor logos and a live-chat.

For audio, we mixed everything with (1) Yamaha QL-1 and (1) Yamaha Rio 1608D. For the panels and keynote speakers we placed (6) Shure MX418 microphones on discreet stands alongside each armchair on stage for ease of use and a quick turn-around between each panel. We provided (6) L'Acoustics 112P speakers in the 9th floor lounge and an additional (2) L'Acoustics 112P in the Card Room at the base of each TV.

For lighting we provided (2) ETC Lustr Series 2 to light the stage as well as (5) LED RGB strips upstage to uplight the client provided sponsor backdrop. 

Please see some photos from the event below.