Monday, October 28, 2019

10.28.19 - Warby Parker "Halloweenies" @ The Bowery Hotel

On October 28th Moore P.A. Hire provided audio and video equipment and services for the 2019 Warby Parker  "Halloweenies" celebration at the Bowery Hotel.

For presentation audio, we used our (1) Yamaha QL-1 to control 8 channels of wireless Shure UR4D with a combination of Shure UR-1 & DPA 4088 head-worn mics coupled with UR2 handheld mics, depending on the presenters' preference. 

Lighting consisted of (2) our ETC LUSTR Series 2 LED fixtures & some LED strips to enhance the set!  

Our video package consisted of a MacBook Pro, Roland VR50 HD & Optoma ZU 850 8K Lazer projector combined with our Stumpfl projection screen with dress kit successfully controlled the serving of the clients' content leading to an innovative celebration!

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

10.22.19 - Pandora @ The Bowery Hotel

On October 22nd Moore P.A. Hire provided audio and video equipment and services for a Pandora "Turn it up" presentation at the Bowery Hotel.

We engineered two AV packages - one for the formal presentations and panel discussion in the main event space and the second for the music performance by Allen Stone in the Fireplace room.

For presentation audio, we used our (1) Yamaha QL-1 to control 8 channels of wireless Shure UR4D with a combination of Shure UR-1 with either Countryman E6-D or DPA 4088 head-worn mics and also some UR2 handheld mics, depending on the presenters' preference. We streamed pre and post-event music (obviously from Pandora)

For the audio aspect of the Allen Stone performance we provided (4) L'Acoustics 112p with control by our Yamaha QL-5, and for the lighting aspect we used our MA on PC set-up to control (4) of our Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 moving head LED fixture combined with our ETC LUSTR Series 2 LED Fixtures which we used for both a stage wash and GoBo projection

For the video portion of our (1) Roland VR50 HD controlled the two Macbook Pro's we provided to serve the clients' PowerPoint to both our Stumpfl projection screen w/ delay 70" LCD screen & also presenter notes to a 70" Confidence monitor strategically positioned throughout the room so as to not obscure the clients branding and our uplighting of same. Once these were cabled up with SDI our final task for video was interfacing to the house's projector and projection screen. We ran our feed though a Decimator MD-HX just for safety and then plugged into the HDMI port on the east wall of the venue.

Finally for staging, we built two stages, again for when the room would be split. We laid our 8' x 4' & 6' x 4' sections to build two stages both skirted with duvatene. Our Cherry Wood Pedestal podium rounded out the staging portion of our package.

Kindly take a look at our photos from the event below:

Sunday, October 20, 2019

10.20.2019 - ESport - East Coast Throwdown

Over the weekend of October 21st Moore PA Hire provided all audio, lighting, power distribution, and video equipment and services for the annual East Coast Throwdown ESports event in Stamford, Connecticut. Let's get cracking!

The main stages:
For audio we began with (1) Yamaha QL-1 and (1) Yamaha Rio 1608D. We took in gameplay audio and commentary from the three broadcast teams present at the event, along with rigging up (3) Shure UR-2 handheld microphones, paired with our Shure UR4D receiver rack. We also set-up (2) Senheiser MKH 416 shotgum microphones to pick up the audience in the room, sending the cheering back to the broadcast teams as well as pushing them through the PA to increase the ambiance of gameplay in the venue. For speakers, we rigged up two tower, each with (3) L'Acoustics DV Dosc. and (1) L'Acoustics DV Sub. For front fill we provided (5) L'Acoustics 108P across the three main stages. To feed the DV towers and Subs we provided (2) L'Acoustics LA-8, along with all the NL4 cabling needed. The towers were built on (2) Genie ST20 Supertowers. With that flying we could move onto video world.

We began with the dynamic duo of (1) Production Bot Switch 8 and our Black Magic Design video rack, the LSE 1. The LSE 1 consists of (1) Atem 2 M/E, (2) UltraScope Duo 4K, (2) Hyper Deck Studio Pro 4K, (1) Macbook Pro 13" for control, and a UPS capable of running our full system for up to 45 minutes without power.
The set-up was feeding (2) Optoma ZU850 8K Laser Projectors - with Optoma A13 long-throw lenses - and (1) 4 metre by 3 metre LED Wall. The projectors were each shooting onto a 7ft x 11ft AV Stumpfl Monoblox Screen with full dress kits. The wall was controlled by (1) Novastar VX4S and hung from truss flying from (2) Mobiltech ALP-5 crank up stands. The LED Wall was secured to the truss using (4) 100cm rigbars and (8) Mega-Video Wall Hangers. What content was sent where morphed throughout the event. For inputs we took a program feed from all three of the broadcast teams, as well as our (3) Panasnic HE-130 PTZ Cameras and the Production Bot Switch 8. The LSE 1 directed and fed all 3 screens, as well as handled distributing all three PTZ camera feeds to the broadcast teams for use in their livestreams. We rigged up (1) Ikan 19.5" monitor for multi-view along with (1) Panasonic RP-120 Controller to control the PTZs over the weekend. We also rigged up (1) Panasonic RP50 controller that floated between the broadcast teams throughout the event so they had full control when they needed it. With (4) Decimator MD-HX connected alongside 26 seperate runs of SDI cables to span the full back of house area, we were ready to switch everything on.

For lighting we started with Grand MA on PC, paired with (1) MA Cmnd Wing and (1) HP Elite Display E230T. In line was (1) 4-way active DMX distributor to pull all the fixtures together. Speaking of fixtures, we hung (4) GLP X4S, (10) ETC Lustr Series 2  w/ EDLT lenses, and (8) Chauvet Rogue R2. These were hung from a combination of the Genie ST20 Super-Towers and (4) sticks of 10 foot truss with base plates and plenty of sandbags. We also provided (12) Colorblast TRX and (12) RGBA LED Strips.

To finish of the main stage area we set up (6) 12 foot sections of black velour to provide a clean and consistent backdrop.

Secondary stages:
For the stage at the back of the main room, we provided (2) 70" 4k HDR display, on Premier Mounts Stands. For audio we provided (1) Mackie DL1608D and (2) L'Acoustics 112P.

For the adjoining room, we provided (2) Samsung 82" 4K HDR Smart TVs, also on Premier Mounts. For audio we set up (1) Mackie DL1608D and (2) L'Acoustics 112P on tripods, along with (2) L'Acoustics SB15P.

Finally downstairs, provided (2) 80" Sharp Aquos TVs along with (1) 500' spool of fiber optic cable to provide hardline internet to the corresponding broadcast team going live from the arcade.

Kindly check out our photos from the event below:

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

10.16.2019 Livestream @ IESE Business School

On October 16th Moore PA Hire provided audio, staging, lighting, video, and broadcasting equipment and services for and event at IESE Business School on 57th and 7th. Let's dive in.

For audio, we began with (1) Yamaha QL-1. For microphones we provided (6) Shure MX418 gooseneck microphones, as well as (2) Shure UR-2 handheld microphones paired with (1) Shure UR4D receiver deck. We used the house's audio system for speakers and were ready to move onto staging and lighting.

For lighting we provided (1) ETC Lustr Series 2 on (2) Impact Turtle Base C-Stands, with EDLT lenses. For staging we provided (4) 6'x4' decks on 12' legs, with black duvatene skirting the sides of the stage.

For video in the venue, we provided (2) 70' LG 4K HDR displays, both on 84" rolling stands from Premier Mounts. To feed the TVs, as well tie together 3 cameras, 1 computer, and broadcast to Facebook we rigged up (1) Production Bot Switch 8. The Production Bot cut the show flawlessly, bouncing between (3) Panasonic HE-130 and (1) Macbook Pro 15" to serve the client provided graphics. Our camera op. was outfitted with (1) Panasonic RP-120 to control all 3 cameras and we were ready to go live!

Kindly take a look at our photos from the event below:
photos from the event below:

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

10.01.2019 - Wines from Spain at Mercado, Little Spain - Hudson Yards

On October 1st Moore PA Hire provided all video and audio equiment and services for yet another Wines from Spain event. This years' event, entitled Spain's Great Match, was held at Little Spain in  Hudson Yards. Join us as we walk through how we achieved it.

We had two set-ups for the full day. In the main room, audio-wise, we began with (1) Mackie DL-1608. For microphones we provided (3) Shure UR-2 w/ Shure UR4D receivers, and (4) Shure MX418 podium mics. For speakers we provided (4) L'Acoustics 112P scattered around the main hall. For video, we set-up (2) 80" Sharp Aquos display and (1) 70" LG 4K HDR display. To drive the system we broke open (1) Production Bot Switch 8, loaded up with all the client's content. With that all raring to go we could jump over to our second set-up in the Lena space.

In there we set-up (1) Mackie DL1608. For microphones we provided (3) UR-2 w/ Shure UR4D receivers  and for speakers we provided (4) L'Acoustics 108Ps. For video we provided (1) 70" LG 4K HDR display and to server the client provided content we laid out (1) Macbook Pro 15".

We armed the presenters each with (1) Perfect Cue Mini and we were off to the races!

Kindly take a look at our photos from the event below: