Monday, April 27, 2015

4/22/2015 - Kiehl's Art Instalation/Presentation curated by Invisible North

On Apri 22 2015 the Moore PA Hire team was asked to provide sound, lighting, a translator booth, and video for a Kiehl's event at an art gallery in Gowanas BK curated by our friends at Invisible North.  For sound we brought in our L'Acoustics self powered speaker system and distributed sound between the presentation area, the installation area and the dinner area. We also brought in wireless microphones and a full DJ Rig and controlled all facets of sound with our Yamaha QL1 digital sound console with Dugan Auto Mixing.  For lighting we used conventional fixtures to light the different art installations.  For video we provided a 5500 lumen digital projector and MacBook Pro to run their presentation on a custom built projection screen.  We also brought in our HD/SDI camera for use with the Translators/Translator Booth.  Please take a moment and have a look at some pictures of the event below.


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