Thursday, October 4, 2018

10-4-18 Achilles International at The Park NYC

On October 4th, 2018 Moore PA Hire provided sound and video elements for Achilles International event at The Park NYC

Our audio package consisted of a Mackie DL 1604 mixer through our L'Acoustic 108P speakers and also interfaced to the house audio system. We alos provided a Shure UR4D wireless mic system.
The video portion of the package consisted of our ProductionBot to serve both the clients' Powerpoint and videos. The enabled us to both serve and switch the content to our both our 80'' Sharp AQUOS LED TVs and also the house projection system.

Kindly take a look at some photos from the event below:

10-4-2018 Wines from Spain at the IAC Building

On October 4th, 2018, Moore PA Hire provided the Audio, Video, and Lighting elements for an event help by Wines from Spain at The IAC building. Our lighting consisted of a few strategically placed Source Four LED Series 2 in an appropriate colorway. For audio, we played our Shure UR4D Wireless Microphonesand our iPad mini with a PC DI Converter through our L'Acoustic 108P speakers. All of the audio was smoothly mixed by our Yamaha QL1 Digital Console. For the video aspect, we streamed our MacBook Pro laptops via our Roland VR-50 AV mixer, and Perfect Cue Mini which ensured a seamless presentation on our 70'' Sharp Aquos Class Quatron LCD Screen.

Kindly take a look at some photos from the event below: