Monday, May 16, 2016

5/16/16 RedBull Music Academy: Glenn Branca's Symphony

May 16, 2016 RedBull Music Academy had Moore P.A. Hire provide Sound, Lighting and Staging for Glenn Branca's Symphony.  Along with Glenn Branca their was a  featured an all-star cast of contributing guitarists. "Glenn Branca’s electric-guitar symphonies have, for 35 years, dealt out enormous massed gestures of sound."  To facilitate this trailblazing No Wave Icon we used our Yamaha QL-5 Console w/ Yamaha RIO 1608D and Ramtech 52 pr snake for control, our L'Acoustics 108, 112P, SB 15P systems for monitors and for F.O.H. we used our L'Acoustics Dv Dosc system powered by L'Acoustics LA-8 amplified controllers. FOH speakers were flown on our Genie ST-20 Super towers.

Please view our photos :

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