Saturday, April 15, 2017

4/15/17 - Shinola

On April 15th Moore P.A. Hire Inc. was asked by Bobby Redd to set-up and operate an audio package for the opening of the new Shinola Brooklyn store located in the DUMBO area.
Our audio consisted of L'Acoustics 112p speakers with L'acoustics dv SUB with L'Acoustics LA-8  for power and processing for F.O.H. with a combination of more 112P and L'acoustics SB15p subs for DJ monitoring
The DJs for the event used a combinaion of Technics 2000 nexus turntables with DJM 800 and DJM 900 nexus digital mixers as well as a CDJ 2000 nexus digital DJ deck with a Serato Rane SL4. Control was by our Yamaha QL1  For microphones we used a Shure UR4D system with Shure UR2 handheld mics.

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