Thursday, January 17, 2019

01.17.2019 - Moët Hennessy Livestream at Moët Hennessy NYC headquarters

On January 17th Moore PA Hire provided sound, video and camera, and live-streaming equipment and services for Moët Hennessy at their New York City headquarters.

For video, camera, and live-streaming, we provided our Production Bot Switch 8 set up. All cameras and Moore PA Hire built graphics and lower thirds were served and switched with ease by the Production Bot Switch 8 and then streamed out to a custom RTMP server built for the client. We provided Clearcom 603 and Clearcom 601 for clear and consistent wired communication.

For the video village we provided (1) Ikan 19.5" Field/Studio monitor and (1) Samsung DM48D screen. We provided (1) DSAN Limitimer Staging Kit PRO-2000 and all necessary SDI / Power / XLR / HDMI cabling for the whole event.

For audio we provided the Yamaha QL1 and Yamaha RIO1608. We provided (8) Shure MX418 microphones, (4) Shure UR1 belt packs with Shure MX185 Lavalier microphones, and our Shure UR4D receiver rack.

Kindly take a look at our photos from the event below:

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