Friday, February 8, 2019

02.08.2019 - Memorial Event at Xavier High School (Friends of Sean Lugano)

On February 8th Moore PA Hire provided lighting, audio, and video equipment and services for the Friends of Sean Lugano event at Larkin Hall, Xavier High School, NYC.

For lighting, we provided (8) Rogue R2, (8) ETC Lustr S2, (10) ETC S4WRD, (10) ETC S4 Mini, and (8) LED Strips. For mounting we provided (4) pieces of 12"x12"x10' brushed aluminum truss, (4) Turtle Base C-Stands, and (20) 25 lb sandbags. We provided all necessary cabling for both power and data and then for control we provided (1) MA Command Wing and (1) MA Fader Wing, along with MA on PC on (1) Intel NUC.

For audio we provided the Yamaha QL-1 partnered up with the RIO 1608D. For speakers we provided (1) DV Amp Rack - comprised of (3) L'Acoustics LA-8, (6) DV Dosc, (2) DV Sub, along with all the NL4 cable necessary. For monitors for the 5 piece band we provided (4) L'Acoustic 112P. For microphones and DIs we provided (2) DI, (3) Shure SM58, (2) Shure SM57, along with (8) mic stands.

For video we provided (1) Roland VR 50 HD, (1) Moore PA Hire Macbook Pro 15", and (1) Optomoa ZU850 8K Laser with the Optoma A01 short-throw lens. For display we provided (1) AV Stumpfl 6'x10' rear projection screen.

Check out our sizzle video from the event at the following link:

Kindly take a look at our photos from the event below:

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