Wednesday, June 26, 2019

06.26.2019 - Multi-cam recording at The Whitby Hotel

On June 26th Moore PA Hire second gig of the day was providing full muti-cam recording for the OIC annual conference at The Whitby Hotel.

Let's start with the cameras system. We deployed (3) Panasonic HE130 PTZ cameras and (1) Panasonic PX270. The PTZs were controlled over network by (1) Panasonic RP120 and (1) Panasonic RP50. We had two Panasonic HE130s at the back of the theatre, one Panasonic PX270 and the downstage right corner of the theatre, and one final Panasonic HE130 hung from the lighting grid. The event was a cooking show so we needed the signature over-head shot.

Two of the cameras were fed into Atomos Shogun Infernos and two were fed into Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Pros for full isolated recordings. The outputs from all 4 recorders were then sent up to (1) Production Bot Switch 8. The Production Bot grabbed all 4 cameras as well as the client provided graphics slides and cut the whole show together into one program recording. In addition to cutting a program record, the Production Bots master output was also sent to the projector in The Whitby's theatre so the audience could see up close what the chefs were doing downstage.

For lighting we provided (3) ETC Lustr Series 2, with EDLT lenses, to highlight the chefs and their stations for the recording. We grabbed an audio feed from the venues audio team and were ready to roll tape.

Click here to check out a taste of the event

Kindly take a look at our photos from the event below:

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