Friday, February 11, 2022

02.11.22 - Wharton Women in Investing Conference at NYAC

 Moore PA Hire returned to the New York Athletic Club for provide audio, lighting, multi-cam recording, hybrid conferencing equipment and services for the Wharton Women in Investing Conference.

Spread across 4 rooms on 9th and 10th floor, we provide stand alone systems and operators in every room, 2 of which supported hybrid set-ups to include remote panelists and audiences in addition to the in-person panelists and audience. 

On the 9th floor lounge we provided (2) 82 inch TVs to serve as digital branding for the conference agenda and sponsors. Additionally, the TV were in use during the lunch keynote as renowned investor Howard Marks joined the conference remotely to impart words of wisdom and take live questions from the audience. At the back of the room we provided (2) Birddog P4Ks to support the hybrid set-up as well as record all programming on the 9th floor lounge for future use - the recordings were delivered to the client within 24 hours of the event. The centre of the video web was our premier production rack LSE-1, powered by vMix Pro. For audio we provided (1) Yamaha QL-5 and (1) Yamaha Rio 1608-D to drive the event. We provided L'Acoutsics 112P speakers around the room and on stage. For microphones we provided (3) Shure MX418 podium-style microphones to capture the keynote presentations as well as the closing fireside chat. Finally we also provided (2) Shure UR-2 handheld microphones on mic stands out in the audience for Q&A.

Up in the President's Room on the 10th floor, we provided (2) 70 in TVs to again serves as digital branding, as well as display a number of panelists powerpoints, and also display the number of remote panelists who joined throughout the various breakout sessions. To route all of this videos we started with (1) ProductionBot Switch 8 running vMix Pro, along with (1) Birddog P4K and (1) Birddog PF120. For audio we provided (1) Yamaha QL-1 and (1) Yamaha Rio 1608-D. For speakers we provided L'Acoustics 112P and 108P. (5) Shure MX418 podium-style microphones for the in-person panelists and (1) Shure UR-2 handheld microphones made up the microphone selection for this room.

In the further two breakout room, Olympics 1-2 and Olympics 4-5, we provided (1) 70 inch TV in each along with (1) Macbook Pro 15" in each for the panelists to display their various powerpoint presentations and videos as needed over the course of the day. For audio, we provided (1) Mackie DL1608 along with (5) Shure MX418 podium-style microphones. For speakers we set-up L'Acoustics 108P around each room.

CLICK HERE to view some highlights from the closing keynote at the event, featuring Sallie Krawcheck

Please check out some photos from the event below:

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