Monday, February 14, 2022

02.14.22 - L'Oreal with Manno Media

 It's another day, another venue at Moore PA Hire! Today was a full green screen shoot for L'Oreal, in partnership with Manno Media. 

We loaded into Bravo Studios with (1) Production Bot Switch 8 and (4) Birddog P4Ks to make up the base of our video gear. Added to this were (2) 19" Ikan Production Monitors 

and (1) 70" TV on a rolling stand. All layering and compositing was performed live inside vMix Pro, with the result viewable to the director and producers in real-time. A program record, as well as 3 ISO records, were saved directly to a removable internal SSD ready for editing after the fact. All post-production was performed by Moore PA Hire and the final product was broadcast live to over 800 viewers on March 1st.

For audio, we provided (1) Yamaha QL-1, with all audio routing with the Production Bot served over Dante. For microphones we set up (5) channels of Shure ULXD4Q paired with lavalier mics for the on-stage talent, as well as (2) Senheiser MK416 shotgun mics for scratch audio.

Please see photos from the recording days below:

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